CIHS 2018 Subtle Energy Conference

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CIHS logo2018 Subtle Energy Conference: Illuminating Humanity Through Science

September 15-16, 2018

California Institute for Human Science

Encinitas, California

CIHS’ Consciousness, Science & Healing Symposium has an exciting roster of 15 presenters, including 9 CIHS faculty and students.  Join us to participate in a fascinating variety of presentations into the forefront science of consciousness and healing.  This conference investigates the fundamental nature of subtle energies, consciousness-body interaction, and subtle healing methods. 

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I will present on Saturday, September 15 at 1:55pm on Sound, Healing and Consciousness: The Science of Vibration.


Three-Day Wilderness Solo: The Blessing of Mountain Lion

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With so much focus on thoughts and ideas as a PhD student, with so much time spent writing, I decide to start the year off by harmonizing with the earth in simple presence. Three whole days to just be still and present with whatever unfolds, without feeling required to record, or analyze, or influence a moment. And it works. Out of the stillness of three days of sitting quietly with myself and nature, blossoms abundant joy.


I am okay with being out in the wild as I love animals and nature and feel very centered and balanced in a natural environment. Nature and its frequency, the Schumann frequency, is an antidote to our fast paced life. I also know the shamans well who hold this retreat on their land two hours north of Santa Fe in the high desert of New Mexico. So I feel safe to camp outside on a rocky ridge with all the creatures of the wild in a Monsoon season of rain, hail and thunder and lightning storms. It is extraordinary to perch in a poncho on a ridge in the lone wild and watch the lighting charge the earth.

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Globe Sound Healing Conference

Join me on Saturday, Oct 6 from 4:15pm-5:15pm at my favorite Sound Conference.

I will be presenting on Sound, Healing and Consciousness: The Science of Vibration.

Join us for ecstatic times, filled with
lots of important information on vibrational healing
and many moments of profound shared peace and stillness.

October 5 -8, 2018
Temple Sherith Israel, San Francisco
2266 California (at Webster)

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Sound Medicine Workshop June 16, 2018

Sound Medicine Workshop- Ease Your Journey
Elizabeth W. Krasnoff, MA, MIM
Saturday, June 16, 2018
10-1pm ~ $50

Sound, Heart awakening and Self Soothing
Workshop Experiential: Try out the techniques and tools for yourself

It’s hard to tune yourself when you don’t know what being tuned up feels like. I will share with you how I practice tuning my energetic body and my nervous system using the Biosound ® therapy system, organic sound, Academy of Intuition ® techniques (Grounding, Life Force, Meditation Sanctuary) and Heartmath ®. The nervous system is the core of our conscious beingness as humans. It is what gives us dominion or caretaker status on this planet. In my practice, I have seen how effective sound and meditation techniques are at communicating with and calming our nervous system. In this workshop we will focus on “Heart Awakening” and “Self Soothing”.

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Society for Consciousness Studies Conference June 1-3, 2018

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I will be giving a paper June 2, 3:30-4:15pm

Sound, Consciousness and Healing: The Science of Vibration
With a background in Jungian psychology and music, and as a certified sound practitioner and energy healer, I started a sound healing practice called Sound Medicine. Working with sound raised many questions. How are sound and consciousness related? How do we heal with sound? Can sound entrain our brains to advanced levels of consciousness? Here is a broad transdisciplinary sweep of what neuroscience (Oliver Sacks and Daniel Levitin), quantum physics (Ervin Laszlo), mystics (Rudolph Steiner), sound healers and musicians have to say. I will show that vibration has journeyed from spirituality to science. I will also show that sound and consciousness converge at the level of vibration. And lastly I will explain and demonstrate how sound affects our well being and consciousness through vibration.



Santa Fe Solstice Shaman Voyage II: The South


Landing between the sunset and the sunrise on the night of the full moon, I knew it would be a time of growth and balancing. As the sun represents the masculine (men), and the moon represents the feminine (women), so it is the work of the feminine to shape and refine that which she reflects back onto the masculine. In that way, men know themselves through the women in their life. In that way, women shape the relationships with the men that they know. (Yogi Bhajan).

The full moon was at 4:34 MDT, where I was in Santa Fe, following the second direction on the medicine wheel that corresponds to the summer solstice: the South. The animal totem of the south is the clever coyote, who is excellent to call upon when you need a solution. The element is water, and the attributes are clever, quick-minded. It governs the emotions. Another reminder for a time of big emotions.

The solstice time, 4:34, adds up to the number 11, which is considered a master number. In other words, you should expect something out of the ordinary to happen. Interestingly, turned up the following item:

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