Welcome to the medicine of sound!

Sound medicine, or meditation, holds the energy or intention of whatever I put into it and delivers it to you. In this way we can send conscious and healing thoughts to ourselves and to each other, like a blessing or a prayer.

All you have to do... is sit back and listen.

Find Your Learning Style

time to shine

My recent trip to The Nueva School in Hillsborough, CA turned up the following approach to finding your learning style. Don’t worry, its not too late for us grown ups!

All third graders have a weekly “read aloud” class in which they must listen to a book being read out loud for an entire hour. This sounds as fun to me as sweeping sawdust off a barn floor. In any event, the purpose is to train and test for comprehension, the ability to understand what is being read to them.

As I watched this third grade class, I noticed that something was different. Some children were drawing, some were cartooning, some were doodling, some were napping, some were lying sprawled on the floor. They were each doing their own thing, instead of sitting in rows of uniform stillness.

As it turns out, Nueva takes the partnering approach with the children. As long as the kids score well on their comprehension test, they may use any of these modalities to help them absorb the material. Their comprehension score will determine the success of their choice. And if it is a low score? A re-do of the test is required and back to the drawing board for a different listening solution.  

The message to the children is that they are responsible for their own learning style. They have to work with themselves and with their teacher to find how they best listen in order to score well on the comprehension test. And of course this skill goes a long way because (which is what you are all thinking): life is a comprehension test. How great to know what you need to do for yourself to listen well at a seminar. A dinner. A wedding. A PhD class. A board meeting.

The children can choose from the following ideas (and probably anything else they can come up with as long as they demonstrate comprehension and do not disturb their neighbors):

  •         pedaling bicycle pedals under the desk
  •         doodling
  •         drawing
  •        cartooning the plot line and images
  •        lying down
  •         sitting in a chair
  •        resting with their eyes closed

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The Bill Bengston Effect

IMG 0103 

On the first day of class, Bill Bengston commented, in his disarming, playful style, that I was “excessively jocular”. Oh good, I thought, I am in the right place.

Seriously now, Bill hands out a card in class that summarizes his message in two sentences, four words: “Avoid Ritual” and “Be Playful”. The purpose of these instructions is to avoid calcification, to avoid the loss of spirit and gain the soul of the matter. What is the soul of this matter? The flow necessary for healing. Stay loose, repeat nothing.

Bill Bengston cures mice of cancer. Repeatedly. In 8 different double-blind hospital studies. Like at Brown University. And if you come to his seminar, you learn how he uses his healing method on people too. And how he transfers his healing powers to cotton. If there is a secret, or a secret ingredient to this scientist surrounded by piles of research, I would say that surprisingly, it is: love.

He is accompanied by his counterpart, Intuitive Healer John Lavack, who represents the approach of the well-seasoned sensitive, and takes on the actual clients in need. And although John contributes priceless insight and procedure, one of Bill’s messages is: “You don’t have to be sensitive to heal. You can be a brick like me. It doesn’t matter.”

The method:

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Original Essence Thoughts

 IMG 0102   

It has been a week of giant role reversal.

In the recent phase of my life I had begun to notice those who are narcissists and addicts.  Particularly narcissists.  I began studying the energy of narcissists and gingerly clearing them from my life.  As I learned the concept of energy vampirism, those that "steal and drain our energy like life sucking vampires", I took renewed efforts to clean the energy vampires out of my life too.  I took responsibility for my own victim/vampire energy and blaming energy and cleared my half of the dance.

And then came this week. You know what they say. If you want to figure out what you need to work on next, take a quick inventory of what you most dislike/find outrageous about the people in your life: you’re looking in the mirror.

I attend the monthly professional skills seminar taught by Michael McCartney at the Academy of Intuition Medicine ® where I got my Masters Certification in Intuition Medicine ®. This month our professional skills seminar was on the topic Original Essence Energy, or OEE.  Michael defines OEE as "your spiritual energy/light, imprinted into every cell that you create". It is our most powerful, beautiful essence and healing energy, who we truly are. Michael says: "When your OEE lights the way, your choices are informed with wisdom and present time information.  When your spiritual being and physical body are connected to the earth, all things are possible.  Living a spiritual life is accepting the guidance of what your spirit intends and following the light along your path".  So this is really the core of what we are all about, our prime directive if you will.  And by extension, a place of total harmony and peace. Essentially, connecting to OEE will clear all of the cobwebs out of the way and powerfully so.

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The Sound of New Years Resolutions

january new years 1

You would laugh if you saw how close to my list this graphic actually looked.
So here we go, leading up in order of significance to #1:

New Years Resolutions 2016

#7: unsubscribe from mailing lists that are not meaningful to me. Need a clear path for my work. Already started!

#6: I will return to dancing.  A friend has suggested Five Rhythms.  Can't wait, so excited!

#5:  I will no longer believe that my feeling all of your feelings helps you in any way.

#4: patience, patience, patience.
I have recently learned that impatient people often develop compromised immune systems and compromised nervous systems. Hmmmm. I need some patience NOW.

#3: I will go to Shaman School in Santa Fe, NM starting in March.  A year of vision questing and releasing.

#2: To round out my ability to be of service, I will start an MFT program in Somatic Experiencing at CIIS by September 2016 or January of 2017.

#1: A Center for Finding Your Voice.  A non-profit healing center where we can heal from the trauma of losing our voice, our ability to represent ourselves.  Through song and voice healing, we will rediscover our voice, health and balance and our path.

Thanks for reading and now send me yours!

january new years 2


The Sound of December Full Moon

Transition dec full moon

As we continue to explore the energy of transition, the calendar itself transitions us into the new year.
On this day of fullness, let us be grateful for our fullness; for our very giving.  Gratitude for the gift of giving and receiving, a powerful combination!
Here are a few deeply felt chill sonic meditations for full moon contemplation. They have a very Cowboy Junkies feel to them:

I'll Walk Until I Have No Shoes.  Click here.

One Step Into the River. Click here.

Remember your full moon rituals, but most importantly, remember to spend them with your true family, whoever they may be.

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The Sound of December Solstice

december transition

Here are a couple of sound offerings on this months forecast of "transition".
As we go deep within on the darkest day of the year let us find, nourish and stand tall on our inner support structure.  With all this transition, we need it. And then let us find our inner light again and shine bright!

Tightrope Walker In the Sky Click here
Change Is Strange  Click here

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