Welcome to the medicine of sound!

Sound medicine, or meditation, holds the energy or intention of whatever I put into it and delivers it to you. In this way we can send conscious and healing thoughts to ourselves and to each other, like a blessing or a prayer.

All you have to do... is sit back and listen.

The Sound of December Full Moon

Transition dec full moon

As we continue to explore the energy of transition, the calendar itself transitions us into the new year.
On this day of fullness, let us be grateful for our fullness; for our very giving.  Gratitude for the gift of giving and receiving, a powerful combination!
Here are a few deeply felt chill sonic meditations for full moon contemplation. They have a very Cowboy Junkies feel to them:

I'll Walk Until I Have No Shoes.  Click here.

One Step Into the River. Click here.

Remember your full moon rituals, but most importantly, remember to spend them with your true family, whoever they may be.

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The Sound of December Solstice

december transition

Here are a couple of sound offerings on this months forecast of "transition".
As we go deep within on the darkest day of the year let us find, nourish and stand tall on our inner support structure.  With all this transition, we need it. And then let us find our inner light again and shine bright!

Tightrope Walker In the Sky Click here
Change Is Strange  Click here

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The Sound of November Full Moon

The pressure of this month has been phenomenal.  I expect you all will have had big shifts in so many directions!  We trust that it is all for the highest good.  Then we have a glass of wine, etc :)  And listen to some soothing sonic meditations :)

These sound meditations took on almost a lullabye-like feeling in some cases, especially Sweet Tender Child, like a warm blanket to wrap around yourself.  I hope you will find comfort and companionship in these healing notes and frequencies.  This music is filled with nutrition and intention.

Sweet Tender Child

I am Power Under Pressure

I Was Thinking Therefore I Am


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The Sound of November New Moon

The monthly forecast for November is.... Pressure!

pressure november

The New Moon sound medicine meditation that came to me is about staying home, or staying in your body even when you feel under pressure. We need to be present and aware in order to be there for ourselves through the good and the bad.  Listen to our meditiation here. This is the special sound medicine we added this month.

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