Blossoming in the Snow


This sonic meditation brings instant relaxation for me. It dissolves stuck 3rd chakra energy.  People are saying:

"Your voice is mesmerizing . I experienced  4th-5th & 3rd chakra activation =  Heartfelt expression of personal power"- Francesca McCartney

"Beautiful music and voice clears 4th first then moves into 3rd"- Michael McCartney

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Blossoming in the Snow by EK

produced by Randy Emata
bass by Matt Taylor
vocals EK


Live Concert: "In Harmony" at Homestead Valley Community Center

bowls jpg

"In Harmony" Live
June 3, 7:30pm

Homestead Valley Community Center
180 Montford Avenue
Mill Valley

Please bring a yoga mat and a pillow and prepare to lie down and get comfortable.  Individuals will be invited up for a chakra tuning with healing tones and frequencies. The hour long concert consists of the work on individuals and on the group, releasing stuck energy for everyone.  You will leave feeling peaceful, reorganized and re-energized.

In Harmony

Elizabeth and Kim graduated together from the Sound Healing and Therapy Program at the Globe Institute, SF. Their connection created "In Harmony", a travelling synergy of Sound Healing, in which their gifts work in harmony to bring you the best each have to offer.

Elizabeth Krasnoff is an Intuitive Sound Practitioner who uses the power of sound to address exhaustion, trauma and stress. Modalities include the human voice, instruments, a vibro acoustic sound bed, The BioSound ® Sound Healing technique, Heartmath ® and Intuition Medicine ®.

Kim Murphy is a Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowl Sound Healing Practitioner who uses the pure tones of crystal bowls to release stress and imbalances in the body allowing the process of relaxation, renewal, expansion and transcendence to occur. Modalities include Alchemy & Master Alchemy Singing Crystal Bowls.

Kim and Elizabeth provide individual sessions, group sessions and perform live concerts together.


Trauma Is a Life Path, Not a Life Sentence

trauma as life path

We view trauma as a life sentence. If you think about it, there is a complicit understanding between the neutral person and the traumatized person. I have heard on far too many occasions: “I can’t help you, I don’t have a trauma background. You have to go to a trauma specialist”.

A specialist?

Just to put it out there in full view, the last thing a person with trauma wants to feel is singled out, different, and unreachable. You will have succeeded in triggering that which is sensitive about the trauma imprint: you feel like a leper. And it is consistently re-inforced. It is held in place by a shame more powerful than any prison, and when you segregate, you enforce this prison rather than disarm it.

Here is what I’ve come to understand about trauma: its just one way of going about life. That’s all. It’s a path. And in the broadest sense, it requires the same treatment as all other paths: compassion. Yes, it does ask for a gentle touch. A compassionate gentle touch. To suggest that you cannot offer a gentle hour of compassion because the “trauma person” is out of your area of expertise feels like a limiting and limited thought pattern to me. A trauma person is sensitive to this limiting behavior, it is one of the gifts. Trauma teaches you to learn to operate outside of your zone of comfort, to learn how to bend to that which is not under your control. This is a very powerful tool. It is hard for the trauma person to understand what to them is perceived as a lack of flexibility, or open mindedness, in a neutral person. Yet the trauma mentality will still self punish—just another self-indictment. Shame is a powerful leg iron.

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Feature Article: Sonically Calming the Storm

Sound Med MV Press may 2016 jpg

Many a college grad has dashed overseas to satisfy their wanderlust before officially jumping into the workforce.

Homestead Valley resident Elizabeth Krasnoff did both at the same time.

After getting her BA in English with a Russian concentration from Boston College, Krasnoff moved to Moscow to serve as the membership director for the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, working with and for the American business community in Russia from 1994-1998. You might remember that post-Gorbachev era after the fall of the Soviet Union from the news. Krasnoff remembers it by recalling the time she threw the first Fourth of July party in Moscow for the American expat community in the field of a formerly secret U.S. Air Force base.

“I got spoiled – life was never as interesting at those post-Perestroika days in Russia,” she says with a laugh.

While it might not be able to match those years for drama, Krasnoff’s current professional passion is certainly laden with intrigue.

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Good Energetic Practitioner/Client Boundaries

imagesIf you are someone who works with energy, boundaries become one of the most important parts of your practice. Here is a discussion with tools and practices of boundaried energetic exchange. As a healer, your practice, in essence, is boundaried energetic exchange. Whether we think of this energy exchange as healing, supporting or guiding, being in integrity about our boundaries is critical. After two years at the Academy of Intuition Medicine ® in Sausalito, CA, here is what I’ve learned.

Some of the key factors that create boundary challenge are the following:

We cannot physically see energy. It makes it harder and more nuanced to “separate people’s energy” (or not “merge”) clearly, like you could with a pile of apples and bananas on a table. By nature, if you are sensitive to energy, you are sensitive to ALL energy, and it is a work in progress to determine which energy is yours and which is not. Is it you or is it the client across the room or the telephone or skype line? Or the other healers in the room? Which energy is just present atmospherically (due to other events that have happened in your physical space previously, the season, the present astrology or the larger arc of evolutionary influences) and very importantly, which energy comes from pure and highest good sources. (There are always some bad apples floating around). And finally, which energy deserves to be commented on versus simply observing. This is a lot of very subtle maneuvering.

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