What To Expect

what expect unsplashYour Intuitive Counseling Session

A Sound Medicine session is an intuitively structured conversation between you and Elizabeth. It is a very gentle interaction in which, with your permission, she uses a combination of intuitive and scientific tools (Heartmath) to listen deeply to you in support of your goals and needs, stated and un-stated. In an organic way, you and Elizabeth identify the focus for the session. Together, you identify the emotions around your goal, any blocks you may be experiencing, and the  path forward is designed.

Elizabeth will suggest practical, daily tips and tools using sound, rhythm, meditation, breathing, binaural beats, mantras and shamanic practices. Sometimes, the conversation itself is enough to shift your perspective and support you to move forward.

You can meet once to work through a stuck place in your life, or for four sessions to begin to address and shift a deeper pattern. Elizabeth will encourage you to see the patterns and rhythms in your life, and to expand your awareness to include a whole and heart-centered approach to your life lessons.

Life stressors that can be addressed

  • Relationships
  • Family dynamics
  • Career
  • Parenting
  • Goals
  • Emotions (anxiety, fear, sadness)
  • Big life changes

It is important to address the rhythms of your life and the speed of those rhythms.  In the age of technology we are speeding up.  A main focus in Elizabeth's work is becoming aware of and learning to regulate the speed, or tempo, of your life; finding healthy rhythms that support your overall well being.

Elizabeth's ultimate goal for you is to assist you in re-connecting with your inner guidance.  To reconnect to the voice within, and strengthen it, because this is where the real answers in your life come from.  We all need support when the stress becomes unmanageable, and Elizabeth is here to support you.  As part of this process, she is looking to help you find your answers within and embed this connection into your daily rhythms.

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If you wish to use or learn the Heartmath tools to experience coherence, or emotional regulation in your life, Elizabeth recommends eight (8) sessions of training.

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