Intuitive Counseling Session

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Intuitive counseling session using sound, biofeedback* and indigenous frameworks.

Currently offering sessions via zoom and in person for the vaccinated

  • 50-minutes - $225

This session is designed to reduce or relieve the stress in your life.  The nervous system is a rhythm and by slowing down and soothing the nervous system we can better hear our silent voice within. 

To determine if Elizabeth is a good fit for you, please click the button to schedule a free intake call.

*Please note: for Zoom sessions, you must have your own HeartMath® app or software to participate in the optional biofeedback.

If it's determined that you and Elizabeth are a good match please do the following:
Check-in sessions are available:
  • 15 minute ($75)
  • 30 minute ($150)

*Please note: Form(s) must be submitted to Elizabeth (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) at least 24-hours prior to your scheduled session.

Download these forms

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Notes on Forms:

Using the emotions listed in the top portion of the Depletion to Renewal graph, make a plan for where you would like to be emotionally in your life.

Using the 6-step prompts, please fill in briefly, using 1 or 2 key words:

  • where you are now,
  • where you want to go,
  • and what is blocking you.

I offer my services as an alternative healing arts practitioner under California’s Health Care Freedom Act. I work with clients in a number of areas, including, overall health, life issues, stress management, recovery from illness and injuries, and energy and spiritual wellness. My focus with a client is to work with the whole person, using a variety of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) approaches designed to assist the client in achieving balance and relaxation in order to support the body’s natural ability to heal. The CAM approaches I use primarily in my practice are Sound Medicine® (including binaural beats), HeartMath®, Intuition Medicine®, meditation, breathing, shamanic practices and intuitive wellness, all of which are based on the newly emerging field of energy medicine (collectively the “Energy Methods”).

The Energy Methods are designed to assess where the body’s energies are blocked or not in harmony and then correct and balance the flow of these energies thereby aligning the body’s energies to boost health and vitality. The prevailing premise of the Energy Methods is that the flow and balance of the body’s electromagnetic and more subtle energies are important for physical, spiritual, and emotional health, and for fostering well-being. If you ever have questions or concerns about the nature of the theories and methods I use, please feel free to ask me for further resources or references.

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