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elephantPrimal beneficial intention for a chaotic world

Music has a transformative effect no matter what style, genre, artist or generational preference is at play.

By adding science in the form of mathematical formulas - that then translate to tones which are delivered as binaural beats - music is not only entertainment but additionally a tool for healing.  This type of Sound Medicine is non-invasive and can be practiced by anyone.

Elizabeth, in collaboration with many talented artists, has created songs that echo the ancient while pushing the envelope of emerging trends.  This blending of old and new are succinctly wrapped in traditional-length songs (4 min. average), and then lengthened to 10+ minutes for the full binaural beats experience.

With intention to create a more peaceful daily experience, these songs will be shared with you as a gift to enrich your lives.  To experience this deeper healing, please sign up for the newsletter below.  A free download will be made available to you, as well as notifications of additional free tracks via email notifications.


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