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'Public Eye' Overview

Speaking, Writing & Singing

coastIn addition to her Energy Medicine healing practice, Elizabeth relishes existing in a continuous state of discovery.  Researching topics and ultimately sharing her inquiries and explorations via public presentation is a stimulating adjunct to her daily routines. 

Elizabeth is often on the road, participating in Conferences, Workshops and Lectures.  Her Interviews have invited a more personal angle of the integration of Sound Medicine techniques in her daily life.

Though hearing impaired, Elizabeth has championed over percieved limitations to become a successful recording artist.  Over recent years she's begun incorporating the science of Sound Medicine into the fabric of her music.  Her latest release, Desert Journey II, illustrates her progress in joining these worlds.

Somwhere in the midst of all her activity, she carves out time to read.  Further, she reviews these books via Reviews in relevant Publications, and is expanding into other subjects and more mainstream publications as life permits.  Initiating her launch into the mainstream is her most recent article, "The Frequency of Fear", for SF Yoga Magazine which is re-posted in Elizabeth's 'Tune-In' blog.

Please check back periodically to remain updated on Elizabeth's public appearances and her generous summaries of other researched matters.

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Elizabeth sends out regular newsletters and updates related to Sound-Medicine and her other ancillary healing practices, as well as information and articles she finds edifying to assist in the promotion of Energy Medicine and it's applications in the life of her clients.

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