Individual Sessions

Intuitive Reading and Consultation (At Sound Medicine or on phone/skype)

    • Contact inner resources, strength and purpose while facing divorce
    • Reduce overwhelm at home or work
    • Find inner resolutions for office politics and battles
    • Break through a stressor or a block that no longer serves you
    • Address the energetic components of stubborn physical pain or ailments
    • Set powerful intentions and release any blockages towards achieving those intentions
    • Strengthen boundaries in your primary, work or family relationships

30-minute session- $85
60-minute session- $150
90-minute session- $200

Individual Chakras (On Serenity Lounge at Sound Medicine)
Work deeply to shift these emotions/patterns into what they truly are: expressions of love waiting to happen.

    • First Chakra: Guilt, Fear, Shame, Regret, Self-Doubt, Low Self Esteem
    • Second Chakra: low self esteem, self rejection, over-indulgence, jealousy, emotional instability
    • Third Chakra: fatigue, anxiety, control issues, negative thought patterns
    • Fourth Chakra: loneliness, alienation, fear of relationship, self-hatred
    • Fifth Chakra: fear of expression, feeling stuck in your communication/creativity, indecisive will
    • Sixth Chakra: lack of concentration, bad dreams, nervousness, sluggish intuition
    • Seventh Chakra: spiritual crisis/lack of faith, overwhelmed/too much information

                 30-minute session- $85
                 60-minute session- $150
                 90-minute session- $200

Voice Healing (At Sound Medicine)
Balance your energetic systems with the strong presence of the human voice, both gentle and powerful. Using the voice as a diagnostic and balancing tool, we tune up your system.

    • Harmonize or breakup your stuck energy
    • Release pent up stress and tension
    • Reset your system
    • Come into blissful contact with your essence
    • Release unexpressed grief
    • Fuel transformation

                 30 minutes- $85

Customized Combo Session (On Serenity Lounge at Sound Medicine)
Starting with a crystal bowl invocation, we will intuitively discover, customize, and unlock your unique relaxation and healing combination.

    • Create balance and sanctuary while dealing with a stressful move
    • Reduce busy mommy stress and anxiety
    • Rest deeply and rejuvenate after a new baby
    • Unwind from an incredibly stressful work week
    • Break through an emotional or physical issue you are having
    • OR set the intention for your highest good and allow your spirit to guide us to what you most need in the moment

               30-minute session- $85
               60-minute session- $150
               90-minute session- $200

Addiction Recovery Support (On Serenity Lounge at Sound Medicine)

    • Support your recovery in the gentlest and safest of environments
    • Relieve the anxiety, worry and stress of the recovery process by relaxing and finding present time
    • Ease your journey back to your essential self

             30-minute session- $85
             60-minute session- $150


Chakra Alignment – 8 sessions (On Serenity Lounge at Sound Medicine)
Bring your energy centers into balance. One by one we meticulously comb through your energy centers and with this three-step process, bring you back into your natural flow and rhythm:

    1. Release blocked or stagnant energy
    2. Fill you back up with yourself
    3. Finish with boundary protection, making sure you keep your own energy in— and other people’s energy out
    • Support yourself after a break up
    • Find the gift of clarity in your big life transition
    • Reset your system after a traumatic life event
    • Address specific groupings of emotional conditions (see above description in individual chakra reading)

                 (8) 30-minute sessions- 8 chakras, $600
                 (8) 60-minute sessions- 8 chakras, $1100

Deep Meditation- 4 sessions (On Serenity Lounge at Sound Medicine)

    • Down shift from your elevated life pace into a more sustainable rhythm
    • Learn to bring yourself into a calm state anywhere
    • Relieve extreme anxiety or stress
    • Achieve a feeling of peace
    • Develop a practice to find this peace whenever you need it during your stressful day

               (4) 60-minute sessions, $550

Stress Away- 4 sessions (On Serenity Lounge at Sound Medicine)
We will intuitively discover your unique relaxation technique and bring you to a deep place of Theta rest.

    • A deep cocoon in which to rest completely in safety and serenity
    • Each session feels like a mini vacation—without the travel stress

               (4) 60-minute sessions, $550


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