Group Experience

swansSound Journey

Calm. Connected. Composed.

Come on a journey to healthier rhythms in your life.

We will travel from a place of motion into stillness in this three step process of dislodging stuck energy, releasing this energy, and then focusing this energy on deep rest and renewal. You will emerge from this rest into a new clear and composed self. Elizabeth uses rhythmic music, meditation, breathing, crystal bowls, vocals, kalimba, tinksha’s and koshis. This practice is grounded in Elizabeth’s PhD research into the influence of sound on the human brain and nervous system.


Sound Journey Testimonials

Thanks for sharing your gift of sound healing. Your voice was healing and inspirational.
Brian Smith, Marin Dental Wellness

I feel like I had a full body massage. I am a different person. Extremely valuable experience. I would like to have a session with you. Thank you.
Laurie Mann

I had a really relaxing, really healing time with Elizabeth. After the music healing I felt super energetic. Thank you

I had an awesome time connecting energy/quantum with science.
Susan Hahn

Wow! Extraordinary! Completely relaxing bliss.

Without much expectation, I had a profound meditative experience. I felt my body vibrating at new levels. The G bowl, for thyroid, was my favorite and the relaxation that dissolved my back knot. Thank you!