Individual Sessions

dolphinsStress Management- Sound and Biofeedback

Pick an area to reduce stress in your life. After a 20 minute sound meditation, we will choose stress reduction techniques individually for you. You will be guided by your own nervous system using biofeedback visuals. Techniques include sound, meditation and breathing. I use intuitive check ins as well.

  • Reduce overwhelm at home or work
  • Find inner solutions for office politics and battles
  • Break through a stressor or a block that no longer serves you
  • Lower the stress levels in your life that contribute to physical pain or ailments
  • Learn to regulate a difficult emotion in your life like anger, anxiety or fear
  • Transform relationships by managing your own stress around boundaries
  • 1 hour session

Individual Chakras- Shifting Emotional Patterns

bubblesUsing sound and biofeedback, focus on a chakra and work deeply to shift these emotional patterns into love.

  • First Chakra: Guilt, Fear, Shame, Regret, Self-Doubt, Low Self Esteem
  • Second Chakra: Low self esteem, Self rejection, Over-indulgence, Jealousy, Emotional instability
  • Third Chakra: Fatigue, Anxiety, Control issues, Negative thought patterns
  • Fourth Chakra: Loneliness, Alienation, Fear of relationship, Self-hatred
  • Fifth Chakra: Fear of expression, Feeling stuck in your communication/creativity, Indecisive will
  • Sixth Chakra: Lack of concentration, Bad dreams, Nervousness, Sluggish intuition
  • Seventh Chakra: Spiritual crisis/lack of faith, Overwhelmed/too much information
  • 1 hour session

Voice Healing

bubblesBalance your mind and body with the conscious vibration of the human voice, both gentle and powerful. You will experience the profound effects and benefits of being tuned by the voice.

  • Harmonize and soothe your energy
  • Breakup your stuck energy
  • Release pent up stress and tension
  • Release unexpressed grief
  • Reset your system
  • Find a deep state of rest
  • Fuel transformation
  • 20 minute session