brain waveStress Management

Take your transformation seriously. Give yourself 4-8 weeks to learn new ways to manage your stress. Read full description.

  • Down shift from your frenetic life pace into a more sustainable rhythm
  • Learn to bring yourself into a calm state anywhere
  • Relieve extreme anxiety or stress
  • Achieve a feeling of peace
  • Develop a practice to find this peace whenever you need it during your stressful day
  • 4 or 8 one hour sessions

Chakra Alignment

brain wave

Bring your energy centers into balance. One by one we address any out of alignment emotions in your energy centers and bring you back into your natural flow and rhythm.

  • Support yourself after a break up
  • Find the gift of clarity in a big life transition
  • Reset your system after a traumatic life event
  • Address specific groupings of emotional patterns (see above description in individual chakra reading)
  • 8 one hour sessions