What is Sound Medicine?

wave pinkSound Medicine® is the science of using audible vibration to release stored energy with conscious intent towards healing. Sound delivers its "medicine" through its clinically proven properties of unification (resonance) and synchronization (entrainment). Sound Medicine® can be used for the reduction of stress and illness, the regulation of our emotional and physical body, and the expansion of consciousness. Sound Medicine® is synergistic, working very powerfully with other modalities.

Healing with sound is a new and expanding field of complementary and alternative medicine. Sound Medicine® is also as old as time.

It is energy medicine.
It is the energy medicine of audible vibration.

At an energetic level, sound organizes and composes your energy output by resonating (increasing) your energy, or entraining (optimizing) your energy usage. Sound is used to break up and release stuck energy, or to sooth chaotic energy.

Sound can access your body's cells non-invasively because it is vibration. Everything in the universe vibrates, every cell and every wave. We are all made of vibration and vibration goes everywhere. Some physicists argue that vibration is the language of the universe. They propose that vibration is the code of instructions for consciousness. Modern science researchers are already finding that we can consciously direct our mind body into a calmer, connected state and experience healthier rhythms in our life using sound.

What can I use Sound Healing for?

  • Anxiety, stress, or other nervous system imbalances
  • Creating a state of receptivity to a change you want to make, ie. quit smoking, eat better, rest more
  • Changing your state of consciousness, ie. become more relaxed, more focused, more restful
  • Enhancing your daily mindfulness practice

Who can use Sound Healing?

Sound healing is for everyone, not just those who are auditory learners or music lovers.

Here are some specific situations...

  • Create balance and calm while dealing with a stressful move
  • Reduce busy mommy stress and anxiety
  • Rest deeply and rejuvenate after a new baby
  • Unwind from an incredibly stressful work week
  • Break through an emotional or physical issue you are having
  • Add sound as a focusing tool to achieve a goal in your life
  • Address insomnia
  • Study or work in a more focused way
  • Reduce the intensity of a sporting event or scary movie
The body is an orchestra. Come in for a tune up.

Bio Sound Therapy

flower red

This therapy integrates Biofeedback, Sound Frequency Healing, Music Therapy and Guided Imagery. The system consists of a vibrational platform constructed with memory foam and integrated with an audio/visual delivery system. The system uses precisely choreographed music that is synchronized with low frequency sine tones and binaural beats.

The combination of the music, vibrations and binaural beats is designed to induce a theta level meditative state which most people experience in about 15 minutes.

Both the audio and video systems contain guided imagery sessions with positive affirmations and messaging. These affirmations can stimulate the mind, and are believed to be an extremely effective means of motivating and empowering the client to become aware, mindful to the present moment and to set a positive course forward.

The system also integrates HeartmathTM -  a practical and entertaining biofeedback program based on decades of scientific research on the psychophysiology of stress, emotions and interactions between the heart and brain. The program is a user friendly interface that measures heart rate variability (HRV) with a finger pulse or earlobe sensor.  It helps you get and stay "in the zone," meaning in the most organized and efficient state in which you can be.

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