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Sound Medicine App

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Sound Medicine Recordings

The leading digital service platform that specializes in integrating binaural beats frequencies into commercial music to promote well being.

Elizabeth Krasnoff, PhD

Speaker | Researcher


Binaural Beats

Original, Customized 10+ minute music tracks infused with Binaural Beats.  New release every month.

Full catalog available exclusively on our app.

Real Music.

Lab Tested Binaural Beats

New SOUND MEDICINE® APP available now.

Real Science.

Sound creating brainwave shifts

New SOUND MEDICINE® APP available now.

Real Binaural Beats.

Original compositions delivered
to you.

New SOUND MEDICINE® APP available now.

Sound Medicine® Tools

Toolkit of Health
Sound as Medicine

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Sound Medicine® is the 
practice of using audible vibration intended to support your wellness.