• Sound Practitioner

    Everything in the universe vibrates

    Release Conscious Intent with Audible Vibration

  • Intuitive Counselor

    Outside Time or Space

    Communication based on Resonance, Vibration, and Induction

  • Speaker | Researcher | Singer

    Knowledge with a Heart

    In the Public Eye via conferences, podcasts, published articles and musical releases.

Find calm.
Make connection.
Be composure.

Sound Heals

Healing with sound is a new and expanding field of complementary and alternative medicine. Sound Medicine® is also as old as time;  primordial sounds that can help return the body to homeostasis

The Key of Intuition

Addressing imbalances and exploring the energetic influence of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions and how they impact the client.

Public Eye

In addition to her Energy Medicine healing practice, Elizabeth relishes existing in a continuous state of discovery.  Stay up to date on her conferences, podcasts, workshops, lectures, published work and musical releases.

Live healthier rhythms in your life.

Stay Connected

Interested in learning methods to reduce stress and anxiety or deepen your mindfulness?

Elizabeth sends out regular newsletters and updates related to Sound-Medicine and her other ancillary healing practices, as well as information and articles she finds edifying to assist in the promotion of Energy Medicine and it's applications in the life of her clients.

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