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  • Elizabeth Krasnoff, PhD

    Speaker | Researcher


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    Visual Meets Sonic:
    A Photographer's Encounter with Binaural Beats

  • Real Music.

    Custom Binaural Beats

    New SOUND MEDICINE® APP Coming soon.

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    Sound creating brainwave shifts

    New SOUND MEDICINE® APP Coming soon.

  • Real Binaural Beats.

    Original compositions delivered
    to you.

    New SOUND MEDICINE® APP Coming soon.

Watch the latest binaural beats release visualizer...

Dusk to Dawn: Alpha Theta Meditation for Creativity

[30 second sample]

New binaural beats music released every month.


Sound Medicine® is the 
practice of using audible vibration intended to support your wellness.

Find calm.
Make connection.
Be composure.

Live healthier rhythms in your life.