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'About' Overview

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Born and raised in NY, Elizabeth has travelled all the way to Russia, returned to Los Angeles and now resides in Los Angeles and NY city.

After following her artistic journey to a scientific one, her passions of Sound, Consciousness and Healing led her to the developing an exciting world of 'Energy Medicine,' especially 'Sound Medicine'® which offers formulas that meet the criteria to be considered evidence-based formulas.

Learn more about Elizabeth W. Krasnoff, PhD

Elizabeth has enjoyed working as a sound practitioner, and finds that these deep connections formed in the energy healing process are some of the most rewarding human connections that she has experienced.

Although she still accepts clients on a case by case basis, she has transitioned all of her healing energy into her voice, which she uses in her ambient Binaural Beats tracks, Indie Pop Music, Journey music and live Silent Disco events. If you would like to inquire about booking a Silent Disco, please feel free to email.