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'About' Overview

about unsplashLearn more about Elizabeth and Sound-Medicine®

Born and raised in NY, Elizabeth has travelled all the way to Russia, returned to Los Angeles and now resides in California's 'Bay Area'.

After dipping her toes into numerous ventures, her passions led her to the developing and exciting world of 'Energy Medicine'.

Learn more about Elizabeth Krasnoff.

Her clients have been satisfied with their sessions and generously supplied Testimonials to that effect.

Working with a new practitioner - especially in a cutting edge field of medicine - can be confusing.  Elizabeth has made this process easy and shows you What to Expect from your session.

If you have questions about Elizabeth, the various 'Medicines' she uses, her work in the Public Eye or would like more information about Booking a Session, please feel free to email her with any comment, concern or query.

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Interested in learning methods to reduce stress and anxiety or deepen your mindfulness?

Elizabeth sends out regular newsletters and updates related to Sound-Medicine and her other ancillary healing practices, as well as information and articles she finds edifying to assist in the promotion of Energy Medicine and it's applications in the life of her clients.

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