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What is a Silent Disco?

Silent?  Disco?

While seemingly a contradiction in terms, Silent Discos or Silent Raves are a real thing.  It's an event where people dance or listen to music on wireless headphones rather than listening through loudspeakers.

Since headphones are a centerpiece of the event, this makes silent discos an ideal medium for binaural beats since headphones must be worn to receive the effects of binaural beats.

During the “As Above, So Below” conference in Fitchburg, WI on September 29-30 I'll be offering an Alpha Theta Binaural Beats Silent Disco for in-person attendees.  I'm so excited!

Why would we have a Binaural Beats Silent Disco?

So that we can listen to this music TOGETHER.  We'll hear some of the original binaural beats music tracks that I created for you, that are offered for streaming on Spotify, and are the heartbeat of my new podcast, Beats of the Month.

My vision is to eventually have silent meditation or yoga classes, where listeners can amplify the effects of their movement and breathing with relaxing alpha theta frequencies, falling deeper into states of meditation and relaxation.  So first, the disco.  Maybe at the next conference we'll be doing a silent yoga class:)

I'll also be presenting a talk on altering states of consciousness with sound so even if you're unable to join us for the disco, please come to my presentation and the presentations of my esteemed peers.

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