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iAwake: Do Binaural Beats Really Entrain the Brain?

Dr. Elizabeth Krasnoff Talks with iAwake

Dr. Elizabeth Krasnoff, Ph.D. talks with iAwake about the neurophysiology of brainwave entrainment, what binaural beats actually do, the role of protocol, pink noise, healing with sound, and much more in this fascinating, comprehensive, behind-the-scenes-of-sound-technology interview. Dr. Krasnoff wrote her 2021 dissertation on “The Effects of Auditory Binaural Beats on Consciousness and the Human Nervous System” based on the most current scientific research, and is here to share her passion about sound – how it works and how it can heal. What does the latest research show? Do the effects of binaural beats live up to the marketing claims made about them? Can they be transformative? Find out here.

    • What led Elizabeth to studying binaural beats in the beginning? 1:55
    • It’s not entrainment. It’s a frequency following response. 7:48
    • Can sound heal nerve damage? 11:18
    • Binaural beats, rhythms, and the autonomic nervous system 12:22
    • Sound location — where binaural beats are processed in the brain — is a primary survival skill. 16:18
    • What about carrier frequencies? 21:18
    • What are some of the studies doing wrong? 25:41
    • Binaural beats and the reticular activating system 31:39
    • The role of protocol with binaural beats 33:59
    • Modeling binaural beats after the target wave shape 45:30
    • How resonance creates additional energy for the brain 47:43
    • Binaural beats synchronize your brain hemispheres. 55:03
    • Mixing frequencies works best. 57:35

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