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Sound Medicine's Binaural Beats: A Groundbreaking Pilot Study at PsyTek Labs by Dr. Elizabeth Krasnoff


Sound Medicine takes a leap forward with its groundbreaking Binaural Beats Pilot Study, meticulously conducted by Dr. Elizabeth Krasnoff. As a company specializing in pushing lab-tested binaural beats audio to the forefront of the healing audio market, Sound Medicine continues to pave the way for evidence-based formulas that enhance transformative experiences for mental health.

The Genesis of the Study:

Dr. Krasnoff, armed with a comprehensive review of the field, set out on a journey to delve deeper into the healing potential of binaural beats. Drawing inspiration from the data collected during her Binaural Beats dissertation process, she collaborated with mentors Dr. Gaétan Chevalier of PsyTek Labs, Dr. Alan Leslie Combs, and Dr. Thomas Brophy, President of the California Institute for Human Science (CIHS). Together, they designed a double-blind, controlled experiment aimed at rigorously testing the effectiveness of her binaural beats formulas.

Addressing Placebo Concerns:

To ensure the scientific integrity of the experiment, the binaural beats were intentionally made inaudible, addressing any potential placebo concerns that might arise. This meticulous approach underscored the commitment to producing results grounded in empirical evidence.

The Experimental Grounds:

The experiment unfolded within the cutting-edge facilities of PsyTek Labs on the CIHS campus in Encinitas, CA. This strategic location provided a conducive environment for conducting a scientifically robust study under the guidance of lab research experts.

Precision in Frequency Selection:

Dr. Elizabeth Krasnoff, using her expertise and informed by the latest research published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, carefully selected frequencies for her formulas. Notably, frequencies such as alpha theta were chosen based on the most current and relevant scientific literature.

For those curious about the intricate process of frequency selection, detailed information can be found here.

The culmination of this groundbreaking study was the publication of its results in the prestigious journal, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. The positive outcomes observed in the study substantiate the efficacy of Sound Medicine's Binaural Beats formulas, firmly qualifying them as evidence-based tools in the realm of healing audio.


As Sound Medicine continues to champion the integration of lab-tested binaural beats into the market of healing audio, Dr. Elizabeth Krasnoff's pilot study stands as a testament to the commitment to scientific rigor and lab tested practices. The positive results obtained further solidify the position of Sound Medicine as a trailblazer in the field, offering formulas that hold the potential to transform the landscape of sound as medicine.