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Sound Medicine Workshop

June 16, 2018

Sound Medicine Workshop- Ease Your Journey
Elizabeth W. Krasnoff, MA, MIM
Saturday, June 16, 2018
10-1pm ~ $50

Sound, Heart awakening and Self Soothing

Workshop Experiential: Try out the techniques and tools for yourself

It’s hard to tune yourself when you don’t know what being tuned up feels like. I will share with you how I practice tuning my energetic body and my nervous system using the Biosound® therapy system, organic sound, Academy of Intuition® techniques (Grounding, Life Force, Meditation Sanctuary) and Heartmath®. The nervous system is the core of our conscious beingness as humans. It is what gives us dominion or caretaker status on this planet. In my practice, I have seen how effective sound and meditation techniques are at communicating with and calming our nervous system. In this workshop we will focus on “Heart Awakening” and “Self Soothing”.

In my sound practice, I start with 20 minutes of sound alignment to create a receptive state. Then I use Heartmath ® HRV (heart rate variability) and coherence diagnostics to visually map the grounding process of our chakras and various organs. As the “out of alignment” energetic is found, and brought back into alignment, coherence appears on the screen. In that moment, it is possible to memorize what “being in tune” for that chakra or organ or system feels like. That newly felt and memorable balance can be recalled and restored at any time now.

I also create a daily check in where I use sound to soothe my nervous system, tune myself to a calm place and regain balance. There are many ways to do this. Toning with a crystal bowl, tuning with your own vocals, or resting on a vibro acoustic sound bed and listening to music, adding binaural beats which synchronize the left and right brain hemispheres, and selecting frequencies which put you in a desired brain state (delta, theta, alpha or beta). In short we will look at heart awareness and self soothing, and ways to get there using tuning and toning with the natural human body, instruments, and technologies.