Podcast interview on Gateways to Awakening

...with Yasmeen Turayhi

Yasmeen Turayhi asks the best questions. She created the very popular podcast "Gateways to Awakening," hosted on the # 1 Middle East podcast platform, Hakawati.

In one on one conversations with leading experts in wellness and spirituality, Gateways to Awakening shares best practices and offers a gateway to help those who are interested expand their awareness and consciousness.

In this episode, Yasmeen and I talk about sound and binaural beats and how sound can change your mood and change your nervous system.

We dive into the following:
  • The science of sound and sound healing
  • How sound healing and binaural beats can affect the nervous system
  • How can we transform our brain waves into the desired brain waves for optimal health and performance
  • The types of healing that can occur with the use of sound and binaural beats
  • How can people access binaural beats

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