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Announcing Lab Visit for Pilot Study

My mission is to integrate sound healing with the world of science. And to ultimately create an evidence-based musical healing tool that is effective, inexpensive, and easily available -- something that we know works. Right now, I am really excited to announce that I am going into the lab under the direction of Gaétan Chevalier, Director of Research at Psy-Tek Labs on the campus of the California Institute of Human Sciences (CIHS). I plan to conduct a pilot study of binaural beats formulas, starting with my own formula for moving meditation. This will happen the first week of November. The pilot study will be double-blinded with a control group, so that I can publish the results. I will use standard measurement tools to gather data, including brain mapping QEEG, heart rate variation (HRV), and galvanic skin response (GSR). We will also do something brand new, which is to test the effects of binaural beats on subtle energy (effects that are not physically measurable by conventional methods). Psy-Tek Labs lab is known for its leading-edge subtle energy measurement technology. While I hope to leave the lab with positive results, I am committed to conducting as many pilot tests as necessary to find what really works. The next step could be a large-scale test, or another pilot study. Either way, I am really curious and excited to see what happens next. Stay tuned to the space!