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Breaking News: Sound Medicine announces second peer reviewed journal publication


Bodies and Energy imageBreaking News.. Sound Medicine proudly announces a second peer reviewed journal publication… Our Binaural Beats Pilot Study using subtle energy as a biomarker is published in Journal For Scientific Exploration 

The significance of exploring this subtle energy measurement tool, Kirlian Photography, is that we do not yet have an accepted biomarker for measuring the energy field. When there is a successful, mainstream measurement tool for the field of energy, we will have a quantum leap in what we can measure, understand, invent and heal. 

Body Map journal of medicine 

We recruited subjects who reported feeling stressed and needing a break and were seeking an opportunity to experience relaxation. Inaudible binaural beats (BB) were used to measure the ability of BB to induce relaxation. Measurements included EEG, Menlascan (cardiovascular and ANS) (Menla Technologies, Independence, Missouri), and GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization/Kirlian Photography) (Korotkov et al., 2020). Further, a Big Five Character Assessment was administered, and individual Brief Mood Introspection Scales (BMIS) were collected for each condition. Subjects experienced an improvement in brain function, microcirculation or cardiovascular score, bioenergy, and a calmer brain after adding binaural beats to brown noise or to music plus brown noise, although the Menlascan scores and Big Five character assessment results were less conclusive. BB seems to have profound effects on the physiology of subjects, and since the beats were not audible, these effects could not be attributed to the placebo effect. These results are encouraging in terms of developing musical products incorporating BB to affect human neural rhythms and corollary states of consciousness and warrant further research with more subjects and different frequencies of BB and different music tracks.

Source article here

Video of Pilot Study here