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IONS 19th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: The Sound Medicine® Virtual Alpha Theta Binaural Beats Experience

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Experience Rest, Renewal and Integration… And a little bit of science

Are binaural beats real or fake? We will begin with some of the science and the data behind the Sound Medicine®  binaural beats technology. We will answer questions such as: What are binaural beats and what is binaural hearing? How does the auditory brain affect my states of consciousness?  Are binaural beats entrainment? What is the difference between entrainment and resonance? We will briefly glance at the data from my pilot study.  Then, we will experience a 20-minute audio binaural beats meditation process, designed with the peer reviewed research in mind. After a short progressive relaxation, you will have 20 minutes to listen to the beautiful relaxing audio, paired with relaxing visuals for those who meditate with visuals. You will need headphones in order to process the binaural sound frequencies. Please listen for a minimum of ten minutes, although you are encouraged to rest and listen or the full 20 minutes. Following the sonic meditation, we will have time at the end for your questions.

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