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Vigil for Brussels, March 2016

Thank you to those who came to participate in the March Full Moon Sound Circle Vigil for Brussels.

Terrorism. What can we do?

It is important to do something for two reasons.

  1. If we feel powerless, they win.
  2. When out of balance energy is expressed, it is important to put out balancing energy to harmonize and heal.

I believe that we can do something about it, that we are not powerless to the terrorists.

When we come together in love, we break the spell of the terror. Our togetherness dispels the isolation and fear. Terror creates separation, which magnifies the fear, suspicion and isolation. As the saying goes: Together we stand, divided we fall.

So what can we do?

We can come together, as U2 sings: “in the name of love”.

What do we do once we’re together?

We sit together and accept each other and listen to each other. We find respectful ways of living together.  In this way, together we will heal the wounded feminine, the stifled place of receptivity, for all women and men, because the wounded feminine in men is the source of the aggression imbalance. We can come together and hold a space for women and men to find their balance, and to transcend their internal oppositions and contradictions. This is called healing the experience of our duality. To rise above our duality is called transcending duality.

How do we transcend duality?

The heart is the place that can hold these oppositions. We can rise up from our 2nd chakra female/male identities into our 4th chakra heart space. In the heart, which is our center, the sun of our very universe, there is space for male, female, and the unity of both. When we are in a heart centered, loving space, there is room for everybody. There is a place of acceptance. There is a place of love. “All you need is love”, John Lennon sang, and he is right. When viewing the world through the heart, peace is always possible.

What can I do?

Whenever acts of terror or hate occur, large or small, hold a place in your heart for a new way of being: a heart-focused perspective. Hold that place by yourself, or gather together in a group and hold that space together. Send love to the painful places in yourself and in the world, visibly or invisibly distressed.

Love heals all wounds.  It really does.